The core of our club is in the iGEM team. Teams from around the world do research over the summer and meet at the Giant Jamboree, the largest synbio conference in the world, to present their research. The Harvard College iGEM club manages and selects the Harvard team for the iGEM competition, but also has a growing presence on campus. 

Rahel is a junior at Harvard studying Biomedical Engineering and Global Health and Health Policy, originally from South Florida. She was brought to the iGEM team because of her interest in using synthetic biology to tackle current challenges in medicine, while assessing the ethical implications that these genetically engineered solutions come with. Outside of the lab, she enjoys volunteering in the local community through diversity initiatives and tutoring, as well as dancing.

Rahel Imru

Teagan is a sophomore at Harvard studying Bioengineering, and is interested in using synthetic biology to treat disease, hoping to one day work on bacteria selectively colonizing tumors and delivering therapeutics. Before iGEM, he worked in the Silver Lab at Harvard Medical School on an engineered gut probiotic designed to kill foodborne pathogens, and in high school worked at UConn on rigging the motility and cell entry proteins of Listeria monocytogenes to liposomes to improve drug delivery within tumors. Outside the lab, he writes for Satire V, and loves running and comics.

Teagan Stedman

Patrick Dickinson is currently a Sophomore at Harvard College studying Applied Mathematics. His hometown is Dallas, Texas and he took a gap year sailing across the Atlantic Ocean after graduating high school in 2017. The HiGEM 2019 project is his first major self-directed biological research project, though he comes to the iGEM program with some prior lab experience. Outside of SynBio, his interests include Clarinet, Piano, Sailing, and Chess.

Patrick Dickinson