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Defining Synthetic Biology From Genetic Engineering

People in the field of life sciences frequently use the term “synthetic biology” but they still disagree on how they should define it. The term was conceived by biotech researchers who wanted to set-apart their scientific efforts from other on-going biotech applications. Although synthetic biology epitomizes the latest developments in utilizing the power of genetic code, it’s actually part of a continuum in the development of bioinformatics, proteomics, metabolic engineering.. Read More

Misinformation And Scare Tactics About Synthetic Biology Being Used To Scare Consumers.

A joint campaign by Center for Food Security, Friends of the Earth and the Action Group on Erosion, Technology and Concentration abbreviated as ETC Group has been launched to instill a fear regarding synthetic biology in consumers and companies that manufacture consumer products. The groups are following a well crafted formula which involves intimidating consumer product companies with boycotts in an effort to force them to discard the use of.. Read More

Is Synthetic Marijuana Becoming a Product Liability

Synthetic marijuana has gained popularity among the public ever since its introduction in 2006. The product, commonly referred to as spice, is developed by combining natural herbs with various synthetic chemicals which, when inhaled, produce similar effects to natural marijuana. However, when the product was introduced, the Spice label was basically marketed to be “unsuitable for human consumption”. As a result of this, people in the society, particularly the youth.. Read More

Understanding Synthetic Biology, its Uses and Benefits to the Society

Synthetic biology is a biotechnology field that focuses on engineering cellular systems so that they can be applied in basic science, production of alternative energy and in medicine. This study field encompasses different disciplines, methodologies and approaches with an aim of engineering biotechnology and biology. An Emerging Technology As an emerging technology, the field involves many interest groups including geneticists, chemistry experts and bio-technologists. Synthetic biologists approach the creation of.. Read More